How to make SEO friendly posts on your website.

Write SEO friendly posts on your website.

Is there any need to write SEO Friendly posts on your blog or website? Yes! because this is only the way that ranks your post and makes it different than others. However, making SEO friendly posts and getting them ranked on the top of Google is not so easy as it actually sounds.

There are millions of people, writing and posting their content across the internet every day. You are doing the same thing also which ultimately, means you have a lot of competitors in the field you are working in. Everybody is making similar content on the web.

For example – if you type any keyword and enter the search key on Google or any other popular search engine, the search engines will show you thousands of results on your screen indicating that the topic you have selected to write on, has already covered by thousands of people on the internet.

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It is true that you can not write a unique topic always, unfortunately, that makes your topic ordinary on the web. Actually, you can not control your luck also nor let it go to depend on your luck every time. You may also not reduce the number of your competitors on the internet. You can do nothing more about it.

But here, only the important thing is that how and in what ways you are going to beat your competitors just by writing SEO friendly posts on your blog or website.

How to write SEO friendly Posts?

Nowadays, this question is very popular among bloggers especially those who are beginners and have recently started their career in blogging. If one searches this topic on the internet there will be plenty of suggestions about Do’s and Don’ts.

Some are them are really effective as they have been concluded after doing a lot of analysis and researches but some of them are really just written to collect the views on their blogs.

However, our team has been conducting a lot of dedicated investigations for the last 10 years and here I am sharing what we have really gathered from it.

Thereafter, i am going to tell you some tips that will help you to create SEO friendly posts for your website, please read to the end, these are really effective.

1. Select a topic carefully

The first most important thing is to select a topic on which you can give your best effort to maintain the core quality of the content.

  • Think more and more before selecting the topic.
  • Do always some researches about the topic or keyword about its competition and search volume on the internet. You can use Google Keyword Planner to analyze the keyword data.

2. Prepare structure of the content

  • Make a suitable structure of the post in your mind
  • Starts with an introductory paragraph and use Headings (H1) and Subheadings (H2 and H3) in your post.
  • Make sure you are using a fair amount of words related to your keyword. (A wide explanation is given below, please continue to read the article to the end).
  • Make a list of the transition words to use in your post.
  • Try to write your post majorly in active voice, use passive voice as little as possible.
  • Remember that you will have to optimize your content as much as possible before publishing.

3. Craft a great page title

Always invest a little more time in writing good page titles. It really worth. Title is first thing on the search results that encourages the audiences to click on it and visit to your site to read further or buy a product from your site by entering it.

If your title is not written well and it fails to attract people, those people will ignore your site or content and will move on. If people just scroll the page even after seeing it on the top of the search result that means you have a great potential loss to your revenue.

  1. A good and SEO-friendly title helps your post to rank for a certain keyword.
  2. Encourages a user to click and visit your page.

Google uses CTR techniques while determining the relevancy of your post against a specific keyword. CTR is nothing but, is the number of total clicks against impressions.

For example – there are 1000 people who searched “WP Lions” on Google. Out of 800 people who saw it at the top of the result but only 200 people have clicked and visited the WP Lions site.

Then the CTR would be obtained by dividing the clicks by the number of your post appeared.

CTR ( (click-through rate) = clicks ÷ impressions

Even though, initially, your post is ranking well on Google but clicks are very low against its impressions then your ranking may adversely be affected over time.

However, contrary to that if your post initially has a lower ranking on Google but it has good clicks against its impressions then your ranking may definitely be improved over time.

Precautions while creating title of the Post

A well-written post title always encourages people to click more on your post or page link. Make sure that these things are taken care of properly –

  1. Use a focused keyphrase at the beginning of the Title. The keyphrase/keyword must exactly match in the title
  2. Maximum title width may not exceed 600 px. Otherwise, it may be cut by google when showing on search results.

4. Use focused keyword at the right places

Focused Keyword or Keyphrase is one of the most important factors that is directly associated with the ranking of your post or website on Google. Here are some tips, that you necessarily need to follow –

  • Use your keyphrase at the beginning of the title.
  • in the first paragraph of the post or in the introduction section.
  • include it in Headings
  • mention it in H2 and H3 Subheadings
  • Insert your keyword in the meta description
  • Focused keyphrase in the URL Slug/Permalink
  • While creating an image make sure that you have given your keyword in image alt attributes.

Always maintain the density of the keyword. Density means the number of times your keyword appears in your post. Avoid excess density of the keyphrase in any part, as mentioned in the above points. Use of sufficient amount of synonyms or related words of your keyword in your post is also recommended to a great extent as cited above under para 2.

5. Create and add high-quality images

A visual representation of the content always attracts people when it is shown anywhere across the internet, i.e: on Google feeds, search results, other Site feeds, etc. It is the second most important factor that impacts the overall clicks on your site positively or negatively when not taken care of properly.

It is vital to add a correct image to each post to make it one of the SEO friendly posts . While deciding the correct images, please use these parameters.

  • Use copyright-free images in your blog posts.
  • The standard format of the images may vary as per the requirements. Use JPG or JEPG images for larger photos or illustrations. The use of PNG images is appreciated while you wish to preserve the transparent background of the images.

Regardless of the above suggestions, creating copyright-free and high-quality images may be a bit difficult task if you are new to this field. However, we additionally wish to prescribe some free tools to you –

  • You can use these websites – pixabay, pxhere,or pixels to download copyright-free images for your blog posts.
  • Then you can edit them, with the help of these online tools – Canva, or Snappa completely free of cost. Moreover, if you want to create HTML and 3D images, you do it with the help of these – Bannersnack and Diybookcovers online tools respectively.
  • While naming the image, give it a proper alt attribution, and make sure that it matches exactly to your focused keyword
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6. Use internal and external links

Internal links: Don’t forget adding the internal links to your post. Internal links are the links of the website you own. These internal links may include – Your previous posts, pages, products or services links that may or may not have potential relation to the main post you are writing.

let me understand you with an example – See, i am writing this SEO-friendly post/article and in the middle sections of the post, i have inserted the links of other posts – How to boost your AdSense earnings which are the older posts of this website. Those older posts’ links are said to be internal links for this post.

Google crawls websites by certain algorithms with the help of Googlebot. This bot visits the homepage of each website just to determine the merit of the website by examining the all internal links of your website.

External links: Basically, there are 2 types of external links –

  • Inbound links or Backlinks – These are the links from other websites to yours.
  • Outbound links – Links from your website to another website are called as outbound links.

Here, we are talking about the outbound type of external links. These external links just give a reference to the material or information which is articulated in your post or article. It further certifies the authenticity of that content in the eyes of the readers as well as Google.

As you see, It is one of the ways to improve the overall fitness of your blog or website. And you, just by adding the right internal and external links, to your blog posts, can help them to rank faster than others.

7. Create the right meta description for SEO friendly posts

The meta description you write, Google shows it just beneath your title (Page title) in the search results. It is another way to attract the people by showing them a short description of the post and letting them understand that this is the best fitting answer to his query, what he is looking for, through his search intent.

Keep the length of the meta description up to 155 characters and use your focused keyword in this. additionally, make sure that it is written in active voice only and matches the content of the page.

8. Optimize content length for SEO friendly posts

Normally, avoid writing less than 500 words and above 2500 words. The reason behind this is – too short written contents make no sense as they lack the sufficient amount of crucial information about the topic and they are not considered SEO friendly posts. In contrary to that nobody likes to read badly written lengthy articles. Therefore, always try to strike a balance between the two. Remember quality and user-friendliness always come first!

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9. Update your content regularly

Check the possibility to update your content regularly to minimize the errors in it. Moreover, adding new SEO friendly posts to your website regularly intimates Google that your website is maintained properly. It sends a positive message to Google however, if you do not engage consistently and your site is not active, google might start noticing your website lesser. that will further bring down the crawling of our website automatically on the web.

10. Let other people review before posting

If possible, make sure to let someone else read your article first, before you publish it finally on the web. Take their feedback and suggestions. Ask them whether they are able to understand the main concept of the article or have any kind of confusion.

If you have a subject matter expert make sure his observations are certainly taken into the account. Grammatical and other errors must be removed proactively.

These techniques are small but if they are adopted, will definitely help you to become a brand in the market.

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11. Never do this if creating SEO friendly posts

Don’t use copyright-protected images or content in your blog or website. Strictly, avoid copying/using the Plagiarism content from other sites. Everything on the internet is protected under Copyright laws and Intellectual property rights laws. These laws govern and prohibit the unauthorized use or production of the content by another person. If you infringe any of these laws you may be in trouble and can be prosecuted in the court of law by the owner of the content. Similarly, if Google finds the same, it might also penalize you by giving worthless value to your site

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