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How to make a colorful logout button in WordPress website

Colorful Logout button - WP Lions

If you are trying to change the color of the logout button on your WordPress site and got exhausted then you have arrived here at the right place. Though, it is necessary to make your logout navigation menu noticeable, so that your visitors can easily notice the button. Earlier, when i started my website i experienced an issue on my site that the logout button is not visible for users. As logout button was not visible to the users. There are some steps given in the article by following which you can make a colorful logout button in your WordPress website.

This puts an account security threat to the account of your website members especially if you are having a shopping website it stores the sensitive data of the users. This data, if, leaked out or not protected properly, then it can land you in great trouble. It is also your primary obligation to protect the sensitive data of your users. Good maintenance of the site can also help to make a good impression in the eyes of the viewers.

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Colorful logout button

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Though you have many methods to alter the color of any button in your WordPress website, obviously, if you want to make it noticeable, like – using plugins, editing theme code, and adding custom CSS rules to your website.

Here i am giving you the one of the simplest method to change the color of your logout button.

Step 1

Go directly to your Log in page/WordPress dashboard. To find your WP Dashboard you can enter your IP Address or enter the page address in your browser in this formate – https://yourdomain/wp-admin

If you have not customized your login page, it will show default WP login page something like the below image –

Enter the credentials. After successful validation, you will be redirected to the admin/dashboard page.

Step – 2

  1. Scroll down and navigate the Appearance menu in the left sidebar.

2. Click on Menus button

Step – 3

As soon you click on the “Menus” button, you will see this type of page structure –

As shown in the above image under the highlighted area, please add the below CSS code to your preferred menu –

<font color="#ff0000">Logout</font>

Note – #ff0000 is Red color in HTML code.

Now you are finished

Please don’t forget to set the menu visibility for different-different users suggested if you are using it UM Member login Plugin to maintain the user roles.

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