A Google Helpful content update or an earthquake?

A Google Helpful content update or an earthquake?

Google’s September “Helpful Content Update” and October “Core” updates? More like “Livelihood-Wrecker 2023”! Millions of us, website owners watched our businesses crumble overnight. Traffic vanished faster than free ice cream on a heatwave. People lost their jobs, families worried, dreams shattered. All because Google decided to play king of the internet, shuffling websites like cards in a rigged game.

They preach “helpful content,” but their algorithms are blind bats. They punish websites built with blood, sweat, and tears, while promoting faceless content farms churning out low-quality garbage. Small businesses, the heart and soul of the internet, get buried under mountains of corporate giants. Is that helpful?

And don’t even get me started on the confusion! Google throws out these updates like cryptic riddles, then watches us scramble like ants in the dark. “E-A-T,” they mumble, “Core Web Vitals,” as if that means anything to a baker trying to sell sourdough. It’s enough to make you want to ditch the whole online world and go back to dial-up internet and pet rocks.

Sure, maybe they want a “better” internet through Google Helpful content updates. But this ain’t evolution, it’s an earthquake! They’re shaking the foundations of livelihoods, leaving thousands jobless and hopeless. Is that the price of progress? Or just another power play by a tech giant drunk on data?

Google, if you’re listening, open your eyes! See the real people behind the websites, the families you’re hurting with your updates. Stop playing God with our livelihoods and start giving us clear, actionable steps to survive. Because right now, all we see is a trail of digital destruction in your wake.

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