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How to fix blurry image issue after WordPress update 5.5

Updating WordPress to its 5.5 version was really irritating to many users. As soon as this WordPress update was released in – August 2020 large number of users may have thought that they got a new gift from WordPress Team but this has turned into great pain for millions of users. In this post, we will discuss the solution of issue that How to fix the blurry image issue after WordPress update 5.5

Since users have tried many suggestions available on the internet, I too read many articles on the web but all of it was found to be worthless and time-consuming for me.

Not uploading the right size of post images is one of the major issues now that encounters almost every WordPress user. However, In earlier versions of WordPress, it was not a big issue as WordPress was automatically resizing the images.

It is really hard to upload the exact size of images to each part of the website so if you do not allow WordPress to resize the images on its own you are definitely going to face the blurry image issue after each WordPress update.

Once you have blurry images on your Website, this will surely have a grossly negative impact on your site. You may notice that you are losing your returning visitors to your site. You may also experience adverse SEO impacts on your website.

Tips to fix blurry image issue

1. Leave default settings unchanged

Many users have tried to modify the WordPress default settings as primary solutions but it may not help you. So leave the default WordPress Settings unchanged on this page.

While you are editing WordPress posts in the admin panel it is also recommended not to change the below “Block Setting”. If you have not defined the image size here separately it will let the WordPress or your theme define its size automatically based on the Screen Size of the viewing Media Device.

2. Upload images in Next Generation Formats

WordPress allows you to upload files in various formats however if you upload images in next-generation formats, this will probably help you to mitigate some issues related to the quality degradation on WordPress Post. You can upload your images in the below formats:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif

3. Add additional CSS to your theme

If the above two options are not helping you out. Just try adding additional CSS to your site. Add the below code to your theme and clear the Cache then refresh the page to see the changes which have been reflected on your site after the modification in the CSS code.

.wp-block-image img{
	height: auto !important;

How and where to add additional CSS Code?

If you are still confused that where to add this additional CSS, follow the below steps:

A – Log in to WordPress admin panel >> appearance >> Customize

B – Click on Customize and then go to Additional CSS

C – Paste your CSS here

There are multiple suggestions available on the internet but by using these 3 techniques you can resolve your issue of blurry images or incorrect image size on WordPress posts. However, if the above tips are not helpful for you, please let us know at, and we will give you some advanced technical advice.

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