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Is Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine safe?

Nowadays this question is hitting headlines of many Television channels and Newspapers that the Coronavirus especially Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe or not? Everybody wants to know the answer of this question. Everybody looks like being in a state of confusion

According to The Times of India (World), Twenty-three people died in Norway after receiving the first-ever dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine. 13 of them were died due to side effects of the shots. Their age was nearly 80 years and all of them were nursing home patients.

As per Mr. Singurd Hortemo, Chief physician at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, The mos common reaction to the vaccine is fever including nausea and headache. He further added that these may have possibly contributed to a fatal outcome in some patients. 

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Now the most question arises that who should receive the vaccine? Should a healthy person receive the vaccine? However, officials are not expressing serious concern over the deaths. They are just trying to find the answer to that – how the Covid vaccine is now safer for diffrent-different age groups of people.

But one thing is clear that doctors should act very carefully and even after considering the risk and benefit ratio of the vaccine while its direct application.

More than 30,000 people in Norway have vaccinated. They receive their first shot of Pfizer’s Moderna covid-19 vaccine during the last 30 days.

Total 29 people had developed side effects in which 13 died within 24 hrs. He further added that – It is very clear that the vaccines have bit risks, with an exception for the frailest patients. He also added that the company is also aware of the reported deaths of the people following the administration of the Covid – 19 vaccine. 

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How safe Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is?

After reading this news everyone would become apprehended of the side effects of the vaccine. Fear is also normal in the receivers who are yet to receive the vaccination but answering this question is still very hard. According to a health officer in Norway, around four thousand people die in a week in the above nursing home total population.

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Claiming the benefits and risks of the vaccine to approximate or any proximity would be unjustified. Further research and studies are in their way so answering this question may not be good.

Please keep tracking the future news regarding the vaccine. We are also gathering the relevant information and as soon we receive the certified data we will share the same with our readers.

 Norway Covid – 19 Situation

Today is JAN 16, 2021, and the total number of cases reported in the country is 58, 400. The death toll has reached (approximately) = 520. Amid this Norway has announced obligatory COVID-19 testing on border especially for those traveling from other countries. 

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