Google disables indexing for urls

Google disables indexing for urls

Are you willing to submit your Page or Website URL on google Search Console with webmaster tools? You will shock to know that you can not do so now as google disables “Request indexing” feature of URLs.

On October 14, 2020, ongoing google published a Notice that it has disabled the “Request Indexing” feature of the URL inspection tool. Google has also disclosed the reason for disabling this feature as they are making some technical updates on the search console page.

The good news is that you can expect it to be re-enabled in the next few days. Google has also cleared that it automated system will continue to find and index content through its regular methods.

What is indexing?

As soon your content is posted or published on the internet it is discovered by Search Engines. One of the most popular Search engines Google also works on the same principle. Firstly, Google tries to understand what the page is about. This process is called indexing. The search engine generally analyzes the content of the page, catalogs images and video files that are embedded on the page, and otherwise tries to understand the web page. And then all this information is stored in the Google index.

In order to improve your page indexing, Google or a Search engine tries to –

  • Create short and meaningful page titles.
  • Use page headings that show the subject of the page.
  • Use text rather than images to convey content. (Google can understand the texts better than it understands any image or video.

How does the Google Search engine work?

Google works on these three basic methods to discover, crawl, and serve any web page on google. These three methods are given in below –

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving or ranking

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Why Indexing is Important?

Indexing is crucial if you want to rank your website or page on Google. Generally, Search engines like – Google, Bing or any other popular search engine detects a new post and makes its visibility live in search results when you or someone else search it on search engines.

But this automated process takes time to propagate any specific page or web address across the globe because Search engines receive multiple manual requests each second. Multiple manual requests do nothing but slow down the auto submission process by the search engines themselves. Don’t get confused it does never impact adversely your “Indexing requests” that have been made on the Google search console manually.

What is Crawling

Unlike Indexing, Crawling is the process in which Googlebot visits millions of new and updated pages and then adds them to the Google Index. Googlebot is a kind of bot or robot that uses an algorithmic process to determine the crawling of the pages on different-different occasions or a definite period of time. There are two major types of Crawling:

  1. Primary Crawling
  2. Secondary Crawling

Can you improve Crawling? Of course, you can improve the crawling of your content by using the below methods:

  • Submitting your Site map
  • Submitting crawl requests for your individual pages
  • Improving your content readability score
  • Avoid using index. If you give noindex instruction, your page will be blocked by robots and it won’t be seen on google even though it is properly indexed on google.

What is Serving?

Serving simply means Ranking. When a user enters a query, google robots apply its machine intelligence and search the index for matching pages and then show the most relevant results to the users. However, the accuracy and relevancy of the results depend on hundreds of factors.

Can i improve our content ranking? Like crawling, you can improve your ranking on google –

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