Create an online ticketing system on your WordPress website.

Create an online ticketing system on your WordPress website.

This article is merely written for the users running their website on WordPress and willing to create a Responsive online ticketing system.

WordPress is nothing but a most popular Content Management System, unlike other CMS Eg. – Joomla, Drupal, Wix, and BiCommerce the WordPress is known for its popularity among users. 

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Content Management System (CMS Platform) is a piece of software that lets you build your website and manage the content without learning too much code and computer languages.

Earlier, when the CMS Platform was not discovered, creating a website was a difficult task. Developers were charging hefty fees for services. Since WordPress is my favorite CMS, I own more than three websites on WordPress. 

What is Online ticketing or Complaint Management System?

Online ticketing or Complaint Management System is an integrated software system that manages your customers’ requests, queries, and complaints automatically.

It also allows you, on receipt of the request or complaints, to save the user’s data and generate a unique ticket number and the tracking link in the system.

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It also processes it further, promptly by assigning a new agent and sending the receipt of the registered complaint/ticket number to the end-user. 

How to design responsive ticket system?

There are various methods to make an online ticketing system on your website. However, if you do not know coding then can limit your options available.

Even though you don’t know coding you still can develop this system on your website, for example by subscribing paid plan from a website, and embedding its unique link, which already avails these services and or by using a plugin in your WordPress website.

The best option we would suggest you use the WordPress plugin on your website.

There are again many plugins are available like – SVG Support, SupportCandy – Helpdesk & Support Ticket System, Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin, and JS Help Desk – Best Help Desk & Support Plugin

But we recommend using SupportCandy – Helpdesk & Support Ticket System plugin on your site. Either you can download this plugin here and install it or follow the below steps –

1. Install the Plugin

To install the plugin login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins >> add a new plugin.

Now type support on the search box. As shown in the below image, Install the highlighted plugin named – SupportCandy – Helpdesk & Support Ticket System Please note this plugin is developed by SupportCandy Team. Please make sure that you have checked the developer name properly before installing it.

2. Activate the Plugin

Now simply activate the plugin –

3. Create new page and add publish the plugin code

After successful activation of the plugin, come back to the Dashboard page. Create a new page let’s say it – Online tickets page

In body section paste the below mentioned code and save it –


If you are using different page layout, please allow it in- Full layout

Now publish the page.

4. Select the Support page

Return back to the Dashboard page. In the sidebar find the Support option. Follow this path – Support >> Setting >> General. In the support page section scroll-down the list and select the page which you have published earlier. I.e, – Online Tickets page (Remember point number 3).

Scroll-down and save the settings.

As mentioned above, point number 3, visit the published page URL. The new page is likely to appear the same as the below –

To register the ticket or complaint a user requires to log in to the website. However, if you want to show the guest option on it and wish to let them register complaint without being logged in, please enable the guest option from the setting.

As previously mentioned in Point number – 4. Scroll down and make sure that these, highlighted, options are enabled.

Update the setting and again visit the published/support page i.e, – Online Tickets page. You will see that a new button has started appearing just below the login button.

5. Create guest ticket

visit the published/support page i.e, – Online Tickets page. and click on Continue as Guest similarly as shown in the just above image.

The form will open. Please remember if you are a logged-in user some information will be filled automatically as the plugin takes data from your database. But if you are continuing as a Guest the same would be requested to fill manually.

Scroll-down, check the other options and then Submit the form.

Now you are done. Your ticked id/new complaint number is – #1

After successful registration of the complaint, this plugin automatically generates the unique complaint number and tracking link. It also sends the new details to the complainant and admin or assigned agents. The limitation of this free plugin is that it would not offer some really great features like – auto-assigned agent, auto closure of the complaint after a certain period, etc, in its free version.

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